We are an ever-evolving design studio of dedicated and enthusiastic architects, designers, technicians and artists creating refined, contextual, and sustainable architecture from conception to creation.

At Trehearne it’s not just about the architecture but also all the people that contribute to develop, create and inhabit our clients’ buildings. We listen and collaborate, designing buildings, spaces and places that are people-centric and custom-made.

As a studio we believe in blending commerciality with bespoke design. Solutions should be contextual, relevant, and beautiful. Sustainability should be at the core of everything we do, and quality should be inherent irrespective of size or scale.

Architecture is much more than the end-product… to us there is never an ‘end-product’. Much like our studio, the buildings and spaces we create evolve and change over time. Arguably, the architecture only truly begins once the design team has completed their journey, and the built form is inhabited.